About StayPoints®


What is StayPoints?

StayPoints is an international guest reward and loyalty program offered by corporate housing companies and other independent lodging providers. StayPoints offers travelers the opportunity to earn rewards while exploring diverse housing options located in some of the world's most interesting and popular destinations.

Why should I join StayPoints?

StayPoints rewards the smart traveler. Larger hotels are great for a variety of travel needs, but they're not always the best "way to stay." With StayPoints, you will have access to a new, diverse selection of lodging providers. Make a reservation with an Affiliated Property, and you can enjoy superior lodging and fantastic amenities while also receiving rewards simply for being a customer.

I work for a lodging provider that may be interested in offering StayPoints to their guests. Who should I contact?

We would love to hear from you. Please email our sales department at info@mystaypoints.com.

Is StayPoints the same as typical hotel rewards plans?

Yes, in some ways, but it's also much better. With StayPoints, you will have new lodging options, as well as the ability to redeem your points for an extensive selection of rewards, including actcar rentals, airfare, event tickets, and merchandise.




How do I join StayPoints?

It's simple to join!  Click Here. It only takes a few minutes, and there is no purchase necessary. 

Who can become a StayPoints member?

Terms and conditions are listed on our website, but generally membership is open to any individual adult with an email address. Associations, corporations, groups, and/or other entities are not eligible to join StayPoints. There is no fee to become a StayPoints member.

Will you give me a member number?

At StayPoints, our members use one email address as their primary unique identifier instead of assigned member numbers. Please make sure that the email address you use to sign up for your membership is also the primary email on your account. Additional email addresses, such as those belonging to your partner or spouse, can also be added to your account as Associated Emails. Associated Email addresses cannot be used as a primary unique identifier if it is set-up as an Associated Email on another account. In addition, once points have been awarded to an associated email address, those points are loaded into the primary unique identifier's account and cannot be transferred to another account. 

What do you do with my information?

StayPoints always has the best interests of our members in mind. Please review the StayPoints Privacy Policy for more information.

How do I update my information?

Just log in to "My Account." You'll need your username and password.

Can I recommend StayPoints to my friends and co-workers?

Please do! To invite your friends, family, or colleagues, click the Invite a friend tab.


Earning StayPoints



How do I earn points?

Each StayPoints Lodging Provider defines how it will offer reward points, how many points to award and when to award them. The rate is determined by your lodging provider, with the total calculated according to the eligible cost of each booking. Taxes and other charges do not apply.

Are all stays eligible for reward points?

Not necessarily. StayPoints participating lodging providers individually determine who is eligible to receive reward points, how many points to award, and when to award them. Please check your provider's reward policy.

How many points per dollar will members earn?

The number of reward points guests earn can vary from provider to provider or reservation to reservation. In most cases, providers award three points per eligible dollar spent. Some providers offer "bonus" points at the time of move-in as an additional reward for choosing their companies, as well as rewarding you points in return for referrals. Check with your provider to see learn about their Reward Plan.

Can I earn points for booking rooms for someone else?

Sure. Please coordinate with the StayPoints lodging provider when making your reservation. Any person with an email address can join StayPoints. Points will be rewarded to the email address provided at the time of making the reservation. If you're already a StayPoints member, be sure to give the lodging provider your primary email address.

Can I receive reward points on multiple rooms at the same time?

Absolutely! Please be sure to coordinate this with your StayPoints lodging provider prior to check-in.

Do points expire?

Starting on month 37 (post enrollment date), if you haven't earned reward points in the last 12 months your points may expire.

Can members split the points if they are sharing a two- or three-bedroom unit?

This can be coordinated with your lodging provider prior to check-in.

I didn't receive my reward points for my last stay. Who do I contact?

You can expect to receive your points by the end of the month following your stays during the previous month. If you have not received your points at that time, please contact your StayPoints lodging provider who should have rewarded you points. You are also welcome to contact us for help at info@mystaypoints.com.

How often can I check my account balance?

Anytime you want. Just go to "My Account" and log in.

I am already staying with a participating lodging provider, but I am not a StayPoints member. Can I still receive points?

First, contact your lodging provider and explain that you are joining StayPoints. Each participating lodging provider sets its own guidelines for rewarding points.

If I don't have enough points to redeem something, can I buy points or pay the rest in cash?

Additional points can be purchased at the rate of $10 per 1,000 points. The amount of points available for purchase is calculated based on the number of points you currently have.

How long does it take to receive my points?

Points are added to the member's account each month for all stays during the previous month. If you don't see expected points in your account, please check with your StayPoints Lodging Provider before contacting StayPoints support. 


StayPoints Lodging Providers



I'm familiar with vacation rental companies and bed and breakfasts, but what is corporate housing?

The first corporate housing companies in the United States began their operations more than 50 years ago. There are now corporate housing companies operating in most medium to large cities around the world, but only the "Best in Class" corporate housing providers are given the opportunity to offer StayPoints to their guests.

Corporate housing companies rent blocks of apartments in the upper-echelon residential communities in each town and then outfit them with all the home furnishings, appliances, and accessories necessary for guests to live comfortably for an extended period of time. These residences are then offered by those corporations - generally, with utilities included - to employees who are either traveling for business purposes or who are relocating to another branch or territory at the request of their company.

Compared to traditional extended-stay housing or typical hotel accommodations, corporate housing tends to be both more welcoming for guests and their families as well as more affordable, depending on your required length of stay. Housing options are diverse and depend on the city, but offerings often include apartments or condo-style flats that range from compact and efficient studios to full-size three-bedroom apartments.

How big are the StayPoints Lodging Providers?

Bed and Breakfasts have fewer than 40 rooms, with the average property containing between 6 and 10 rooms. Vacation management companies can be as small as a B&B or have several hundred units located throughout a designated vacation destination, city, or town. Corporate housing companies range in size; some have as few as 20 to 25 apartments or condos they manage in one large or midsize city while others have offices throughout the United States and other countries, with a roster of furnished apartments and condos that number in the thousands. Some providers even rent furnished houses!

How can I find a participating StayPoints Lodging Provider?

StayPoints Affiliated Properties are provided in our search results based on the features and locations of the property. To find a provider, select a property (or properties) and submit an inquiry. Your inquiry will be delivered to the StayPoints Lodging Providers in that area.

Does StayPoints own or manage the lodging providers?

No. StayPoints does not own or manage any lodging company; therefore, it does not have any managerial or operational role regarding the actual lodging of StayPoints members. contacting StayPoints member support. 

Redeeming StayPoints



What is the redemption process?

To redeem your points, sign-in and select "Shop Rewards." From there, you can order merchandise or purchase airfare, hotels, rental cars, or other travel-related options.

Can I redeem points at my lodging provider?

No. All points need to be redeemed on the StayPoints website. 

Can I transfer my points to another member's account?

No. That being said, email addresses can be added to your account as Associated Emails, and points awarded to any of those email addresses will go directly into your primary activated account. Once those points have been moved into a primary account, they cannot be transferred to any other account. Each Associated Email address must be activated and cannot be associated with another StayPoints account. 

Can StayPoints be combined with other rewards programs?

Not at this time.

Can I redeem StayPoints for cash?

No, StayPoints cannot be redeemed for cash.

If I don't have enough points to redeem something, can I buy points or pay the rest in cash?

Additional points can be purchased at the rate of $10 per 1,000 points. Please contact StayPoints Member Support to fulfill this request (info@mystaypoints.com)

Who can I call with questions about a reward I would like to redeem, or to get a status on one I have already submitted for redemption?

The StayPoints customer service center is open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. - 8 p.m. CST at 888-997-8297 Ext. 1. Have a question you think we should add? Let us know at info@mystaypoints.com.


Stay & Earn


When you enroll in the StayPoints program, you're giving yourself unparalleled access to a wide range of Affiliated Properties located in the thousands of captivating and popular destinations all over the world. Each completed stay at a participating StayPoints Affiliated Property may earn you points (please check for participation with all providers before booking your reservation). StayPoints are redeemable for millions of rewards in the StayPoints online catalog. Choose from brand-name merchandise, book travel arrangements, see your favorite band or concert, or spend a day with the family at some of the world's most sought-after attractions. Ready to start earning? It's simple: Just book, stay, and reap the rewards!





The StayPoints Wish List is the perfect way for you to keep track of the rewards you love while saving up the points you need. As you scroll through our rewards catalog, simply select the rewards you want to save for and add them to your Wish List until you're ready to redeem your points. This is a great place to plan future travel or highlight items you are interested in purchasing. Keep in mind that occasionally certain catalog items become unavailable and new items are added. 


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