Stay with an StayPoints® lodging Affiliate and earn points for your stay!

The StayPoints® Guest Reward Program is an international collection of affiliated independetly-owned lodging providers. Each provider determines who qualifies to earn points and how many points are awarded. Be sure you understand the StayPoints® Affiliate's reward plan before you finalize your reservation.


How it works:

  1. Join the StayPoints® Guest Reward Program.
  2. Stay with a StayPoints® lodging provider.
  3. Most providers will award your points at the end of each month for your stays during the previous month.
  4. Go shopping on the StayPoints® Reward Catalog


Things to remember:

  1. Your email address is your Member ID
  2. If you don't see points that you're expecting, please contact the provider you're expecting to receive the points from before contacting StayPoints® member support.


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